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You pay per active user, regardless of how many devices they use, with no base or setup fee. There are no complicated tiers. You get access to all features and updates of SCEPman Enterprise.

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Payment options

Get a quote or buy directly in your currency. If you are interested in post paid purchasing, please contact us.

Purchase directly from Microsoft with your Azure Subscription (Pay-As-You-Go or Enterprise Agreement) in your currency.

Pricing Details

Save up to 10%

SCEPman 50

50 users included

50 | month
Additional users fee: 1.0 | month

SCEPman 250

250 users included

250 | month
Additional users fee: 0.3 | month

SCEPman 1000

1.000 users included

475 | month
Additional users fee: 0.2 | month

SCEPman 5000

5.000 users included

1275 | month
Additional users fee: 0.15 | month

SCEPman 10000

10.000 users included

2025 | month
Additional users fee: 0.1 | month

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